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The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and namely the two Ministries of Education & Higher Education and Labor in cooperation with stakeholders from the private sector, the NGOs and international donors, took up an ambitious task: A comprehensive reorganisation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector.


The problem

At present there is no unified system for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Training and Ecucation is carried out in separate types of institutions that are run by respectively the Ministry of Education & Higher Education (Vocational Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges), the Ministry of Labor (Vocational Training Centers), private institutions as well as NGOs (50% of all TVET courses and programs).

The existing institutions are largely unsystematic and much too small in their scope and capacitiy, the equippment is outdated and in most cases also the buildings are in a bad shape. In different places one could become a carpenter in 9 months, 11 months or 24 months, each time using different curricula. The fragmentation leads to a training policy which is diffuse and uncoordinated, making it difficult also for employers to interact with the training system on a regional or national level.

The unified, new TVET system will provide the Palestinian Labor force with:

  • market oriented training offers (Relevance)
  • a structural ability of the TVET system to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and market needs (Flexibility)
  • high quality in teaching through comprehensive and continuos teachers training and curricula development (Effectiveness)
  • a financially secured and independent TVET system (Sustainability)
  • and with quotas that ensure participation of disadvantaged groups (Acessability)

The differentiation between Vocational Education (VE), Vocational Training (VT) and Non-Formal Education (NFE) becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Figure 2: The revised system under the auspices of the PNA


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