Dier Debwan Secondary Industrial School
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Through the contribution of the people of Deir Debwan along with the municipality, Deir Debwan Industrial Secondary School was founded in 1967 in the west of the city of Deir Debwan. It started with three specializations but it has jumped to reach ten at the present time. Students from all over the villages and cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Directorate can easily apply to this school. Students who pass 10th Basic Grade successfully can be accepted in one of the following specializations ,after the ending of 11th grade students can be accepted in one of two routes; the applied route or the vocational route based on student’s final results in Grade 11th . Students receive theoretical and practical education during the two academic years based on the chosen route. Students of theapplied route take a comprehensive exam in the specialized subjects at the end of the second year to be awarded the Applied General Secondary School Certificate. . As for vocational route, students take a comprehensive exam in the specialized subjects in addition to General Secondary Exam in the other subjects which qualifies him to university education.

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Dier debawn -Ramallah
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Eng. Sameer Hasan Salih Hithnawi
Head master

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