Talitha Kumi – An Extraordinary School
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The Educational Centre of Talitha Kumi is located in Beit Jala close to Bethlehem. The school provides classes at all educational levels, from first grade to high school level. Our complex also includes a kindergarten, a vocational training centre preparing trainees for work in the hotel business, a boarding school for girls, as well as a big guest house. Ten kilometers south of Jerusalem, Talitha Kumi was built on a small hill and is surrounded by woods. The school gets its name from the Aramaic language and means „Get up, girl!“ (Mark 5:21-24). This word spoken by Jesus has been our mandate and commission ever since the school was founded in 1851. It is the oldest Protestant school on Palestinian territory. Our guiding principle is the message of peace as proclaimed in the Gospel. Girls and boys in Palestine grow up in a continually stressful environment full of tension and political conflict. Within this context, Talitha Kumi wants to provide a safe place for learning and development.

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